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Spring 2020 Tennis Clinic

Spring 2020 Tennis Clinic


Who we are

The Nation Tennis & Recreation Club is located in the Houston area. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-national association entity, hence, the name.

The most compelling benefit of the Nation Tennis & Recreation Club is that members have the chance to thoroughly immerse themselves in tennis and can easily find many new playing partners, activities, instructions and more. Ours is a community devoted to those who love the sport of Tennis.

We offer comprehensive tennis, social and recreational programs for youths 6-15 years of age. We promote and emphasize the importance of physical activities in a fun environment to help each kid maintain good health, develop athletic skills, self-confidence, and become a responsible and healthy member of the community

No matter what your skill level, you will be able to find men and women who enjoy playing tennis. Be it in the morning, afternoon or evening, on weekdays and weekends, Nation Tennis & Recreation Club is constantly alive with the sounds of tennis balls being hit on the courts.

From social events to league teams, informal matches, night-time parties and special events, Nation Tennis & Recreation Club is very much a member-driven club. Should you join, you’ll have the chance to rapidly plug into our wide range of fellow tennis lovers and active club committees.

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Nation Tennis & Recreation Club
Houston, Texas